S-12's back ordered nation wide?

I just heard from one of my good buddies that all S-12's are backordered nationwide. Tell me it isn't so !!!!!


I got a 21" front in December, 140-18 backordered. Rocky Mtn said mid January....we'll see.


i just threw one on the rear of my yz250, it was on the shelf in the store.. there were a couple.. maybe i should go buy all of them! :)

My order of S-12's from Rocky mountain were on my doorstep yesterday. 90-90-21 and 130-80-18. Ordered them last week. :D:)

I just put a order into Cycle Gear last week 90/90 21 Ft(49.99) and 140/18 rear($59.99) $8.00 shipping.UPS tracking says that they should be at my front door when I get home today. :)

na na na na naaaaaa na :) I saw it coming and found a spare before they all disappeared. Rumor has it that the dwindling supply is due to KTM using them as standard equipment on some of their new models.

Anyone local to me (Hollister, Club Moto, Hangtown) is welcome to PM me. I have a brand new set of S12's (19" rear) that I'd be willing to unload. But I don't want to deal with shipping. Meet me at a local riding area and for $90 they're yours.

I reported this several times on the WR450 forum about this issue since July 2003. :D I had trouble getting them from smaller distributers and had to run Trelleborgs this fall and winter. I talked to Michelin recently and they said they are 30% under capacity to fill demand. I got 3 - 140/80-18 rear tires delivered to me last month for Christmas. I got it by begging but I am set for next year! MXSales.com has the leverage to get these tires from Michelin! I am happy now.:)

Dave...buy the Pirelli MT32 rear and MT44 front from www.swmototires.com

Talk to Blaine 1877-805-8473

$110.00 for the set to your door.

Ive heard they are equal or better than the S12.

Thats my next tire combo Im going to run :)

From what I understand, it's just the 140 rears that are shipping very slowly. Anybody in the PNW that wants one should go to Seattle Cycle Center. They've got two 140's and probably 10 130's. I think I'm going to try one of the 130's on my KDX.

The 140's are actually 120's and the 130's (have smaller knobs that chunk on rocks more easily) are actually 110's! :)

The 140's are actually 120's and the 130's (have smaller knobs that chunk on rocks more easily) are actually 110's! :)

Yep. The 140 (really at 120) is the perfect size for my DRZ. I'm hoping that my KDX will be more kind to the 130 (really a 110), because the larger size would be too much for it. I haven't run one yet, but the round-knob Dunlop on there right now sucks. :D

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