2011 yz450f opinions

I may end up with one from a trade. Anything I should know about them? How's the motor handling ect?

Having a 2011 myself I have no complaints with the motor. With the gytr tuner you can put power and make it pull anywhere you desire. The only issue I had which others have said is the front end feels too light and doesn't bite in corners. Getting suspension done, drd engine relocation kit, lowering radiators and PC lowering link have fixed this issue and have made it the best bike I've ever had. I've heard the 20mm offset clamps work to but never invested in them... The other thing I didn't like is how wide the radiator shrouds are. I added braces, cages, and radiator lowering and this pushed them out 3/4 to 1 inch each side. But I got used to that. I give the bike 8 of 10 overall stock.

I have a 2010 that i bought with a Dr.d relocation kit and i have not felt a single "push". I have been riding in pretty sloppy conditions (like first practice at a watered track). I say go for it the engine is great, a little odd at first but after one good ride you will love it!

Bought a 2010 yesterday, can't wait to take a ride! 

i have a 2011 , I've also had an 09 . the 2011 is the best mx bike I've ever owned the engine seems to be bullet proof ! 3 years now with no issues whatsoever . only thing i would say is rad braces are a must and get the suspension set up properly . other than that an absolutely cracking bike .

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