Stalling in Water crossings

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if the tubes that hang in front of the engine cause the 50 to stall during water crossings. Are you all "T" ing it off? My daughter kept stalling in the puddles this past weekend. What's the deal?




I would suggest she pulls a wheelie through the puddles like her old man! :)

I think you are on the right track with the tubes - does it start right up after the stall?


She will be riding wheelies soon enough. Ya the bike starts right up but I have to put in neutral and rev it for a bit. The funny thing is it didn't always just stall going through puddles. Sometimes it stalled just riding perhaps shortly after going through puddle. The week before she went through much deeper puddles without a problem. Hmmm? Maybe turning up her idle will help.


Try draining tha carburetor float bowl in case there is water in the bowl. If the water crossing is deep, pressure could build on the carburetor vent tubes and flood, or simply the humidity might make the bike run rich. Check the sparkplug condition to get an indication if it's running rich overall or not.

There could be any number of reasons, including electrical and sparkplug wire grounding.


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