RM swingarm on DRZ

I finally got time to pull off the swingarm on my son's DRZ125 and compare it to the 2001 RM80 swingarm I have. They are vastly different and have no chance of swapping. Virtually every dimension except length is different. Unless different year models or the 100 swingarm is vastly different, it would be easier to build from scratch than modify the RM swingarm. DRZem has his work cutout for him.

Just an update for any out there considering this.

Thanks for the info. Since you have them handy, is there much of a chance of putting the RM rear brake on the DR-Z swingarm? Could you put the hub and wheel from the RM into the DR-Z swingarm? Someone else has said that the RM shock will mount in the DR-Z, does that seem right?

Looks like it would not be a big problem to mount the disc brake etc., except the RM hub is narrower. When centered in the DRZ swingarm, the sprockets will not line up. I'll do some more checking to see if I can come up with a fix, but with the stress put on the rear sprocket there may not be too many options.

I do not have the rear shock, so I can't say for certain if it fits, but DRZem says the rear shock is a direct bolt on. We have the adjustable WP shock. Just as an aside..The WP shock is great, but if you are thinking of buying one get the $369 single adjustable rather than the $469 double (rebound and compression) adjustable shock. Ours is set to its max (came pre set by WP and we've checked--thats the best spot) so the extra $100 was kind of a waste. The shock is great, but the $369 WP shock would have worked just as well.

OK, checked out the RM wheel/hub in more detail. The swap is doable-a lot of work, but doable. First the RM axle is 15mm rather than 12mm for the DRZ. Not a big deal as it looks like replacing the bearings in the RM hub with DRZ bearings will fix this. Custom spacers will need to be made, again not a big deal as they are pretty simple. The sprocket will need to be moved out, but currently is only supported by the four bolts (no support ring on the hub). The proper spacing ring or four seperate spacers should work with the stock bolts. The current tab on the DRZ swingarm for the drum brake needs to be removed and a new one for holding the brake caliper made and welded on. Weld tabs on the frame to hold the brake resovoir and master cylinder. Then swap brake levers or modify the DRZ lever to work with the master cylinder and that's it. I do not see it as worth the trouble for motocross as I rarely use the rear brake on my big bike with four stroke engine braking. Might be worth while for motard bikes. If anyone is interested in doing this, I'll sell the RM stuff that I have CHEAP.

I am going to be picking up my DRZ125 from the machine shop that is doing the work on the swingarm on Tuesday - i'll try to post pictures when it's completed.

What they are going to do is obtain a longer swingarm (axle)bolt to fit the bearings of the RM100 swingarm and add spacers to both sides of the swingarm. They are also adding a bushing inside of the cast part of the engine case that holds that swingarm (axle) bolt. I don't have the size of the stock (axle) bolt or the RM100 (axle) bolt.

After I get it back, I still have to have the brake reservoir tabs welded up to the frame.

The stock RM100 front forks, including the steering stem is a direct bolt-on to the DRZ125 frame. The stock rear RM100 shock is also a direct bolt-on.

Is the RM100/KX100 made by Suzuki and the RM65/KX65 made by Kawasaki or are both basically Kawasaki?? I don't remember, but that means we can't assume that since the RM100 works with the 125L the RM80/85 will work with the small wheel DRZ125. On the small wheel version DRZ might be good to check the KX80 swingarm. I know the KX80 front end is a direct bolt up to the DRZ, but the rear shock is not. Anybody have a KX80 swingarm lying around?

The RM100 and the RM65 are both Kawasaki models. Each company has their own 85 model.

You will still need the spacers made to bolt up an 80/85 swingarm.

do you think it will help the bike any and about how much weight did it save from the stock one


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