Kinda Stumped Here

This dam bikes been kinda hard to start in the cold weather.Its a 2001 WR-426f with less than 700 miles on it.I been listening to some of the cold weather starting tricks on this form and they been great.Past 4 days it's been nice here in RI.I been trying like hell to kick it over with no results.

  Heres a little back story on my last ride.I took it down the beach during super low tide.Mud,water not more  than 4 in. deep,seaweed and salt water.Nothing too bad.Didn't clean the bike after.Now it wont start and showing no signs that it wants to.

 Today i took the plug out and it looked light brown and kinda dry.Put it back in and check all the electric      connections.Nothing was corroded or disconnected.

Took the carb out and disconnected all the gas lines.Inspected all the tubes and everything was ok.I didn't take the throttle cable off the carb.Last time i took it off it was a pain to put back on.I took all the covers off the carb and inspected the carb.It seemed real clean and fine to my untrained trained eye.I did notice that the plate on the bottom of the carb that covers the float had 2 screws that were kinda loose.I put the carb back together and assembled all the parts i took off.This time when i tried to start it i did get a puff of air coming out of the exhaust a few times but still no sign of it wanting to start.I may have flooded it a bit but tried the method of opening the red choke and kicking it 20 times with the decompression lever pulled in then pushing red in and pulling black out.Still nothing.I also tried twisting both ways that black turn knob whatever it is located under the chokes.At this point i am stumped and really need some advice.I can't afford to take it to the shop.I shut my business down for the winter and am on a tight budget.With all the time on my hands i just want to ride 10 or so min. a day.Heres some pictures.


Thanks for the help guys 














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Pull the pilot.

Replace with new.

Pull the pilot.

Replace with new.

Is that the copper looking thing?I blew through it and it was clear.What size you think i should replace it with?

Ty for the quick response.

Pilot jet is just in front of big hex main jet. Need small flat screwdriver in hole and unscrew jet.

Has hole in center and several small side holes at thinner end.

Just replace with same.

Pilot jet is just in front of big hex main jet. Need small flat screwdriver in hole and unscrew jet.

Has hole in center and several small side holes at thinner end.

Just replace with same.

OK tyvm

Had the same issue with my '06.  the hole above the pilot jet was clogged.  Used a can of carb cleaner to blow it out.  First shot with carb cleaner confirmed that it was clogged.  It is a tiny hole so it doesn't take much to clog it.  The hot start can also hang up and cause hard starting.  Check both. 

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Blowing a pilot jet clear doesn't always work.  The metering orifice in a pilot jet is very small; a #45 is only .0175" in diameter, and just a .001" thick film of dried fuel will take that jet down to a #38.  Also, I see that you have not removed the pilot fuel/air screw from the carb body (although you may have done so later).  It's possible for the passageway leading to or beyond the screw tip to the air stream to be clogged as well.  Chase the pilot jet clear with a piece of fine wire, or push the correct size drill through it. 



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