Black rotor guard???

I can only find white. Does anyone know where to find other colored plastic for the front brake rotor/fork cover?


Also, can I get a pic of a stock signal that has the rubber extention removed?


I have a black carbon fiber rotor guard. I never used it. Yours for $50

Thanks for the offer... but I keep the carbon fiber parts on the bike that isn't supposed to hit the ground...


morphosis111, Who makes that Carbon Fiber Guard you have?

It has SUZUKI stamped on it.

ah, cool.

What condition is it in?

ah, cool.

What condition is it in?

It's brand new. I took it out of the package, but never put it on the bike. I would post a pic if I knew how. P.M. me if you're interested.

PM sent

Cycra makes a black one.

Cisco, you beat me to it! Yep, I've got a black one from Cycra. They appear to be a bit stouter & thicker than the UFO or Acerbis ones. I broke one each of those before switching to this one about a year ago. :)

I have a black one from Cycra but would not buy another. It cracked the first time I hit a rock. Maybe Acerbis?

Although they probably could be tougher, it would definatly add to the cost/weight etc. of the guard. I don't think they were really designed to prevent damage from directly impacting something hard and imovable but are more for deflecting flying rocks and such that may dent your rotor or your brake hose/caliper etc.

just my opinion mind ya

... Ritz dye might do the trick... Inexpensive... I recommend the acerbis guard.. It's held up from my abuse for over a year and a half.

Anywho, you take some water and the dye, put it in a tub, drop the plastic in, let it sit... And bam, diff color... :)

p.s. I agree, the rotor guards aren't like a skid plate.. I look at it more as protection from getting a stick jammed between the pads and rotor... That'd make for a real stylish dismount though wouldn't it?

I broke one each of those before switching to this one about a year ago

Devol makes a metal front disc guard and you can get them at the TT Store :)

Sweet, I guess just I didn't look very hard :)

I have a white one, but it just looks out of place now :D

<img src=>

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