Where's the DRZ450??

How about it suzuki? 450cc and a weight loss program..... Would make an awesome bike. Loved my DRZ400 but didn't like the weight and mine was the kickstart enduro model. :)

Yep they are slacking. Its coming Im sure, probably 05 or 06

When a 450 hits the Floor im upgrading! My 400 is Anemic to an extent. Either DRZ450 or GSX1300R :).

I'll have way too much money into it by then.

Ktm saw the writing on the wall why not suzuki?

Just remember this...Suzuki DR350 should have been bored to 435 like everyone did on their own....Suzuki sold it unchanged for 10 YEARS....I won't be holding my breath for a DR450....I'll do the unthinkable...buy an Austrian pumpkin!

At the Suzuki dealer show they stated it would be an 05 model. 5 known in existence... one is here in the states for testing as we speak..one will run the GP circuit this year... that's enuff info for now :)

Foots are you talking an RMZ450? Or a DRZ450? I havent heard anything about an OffRoad 450 in the works :)

5 known in existence... one is here in the states for testing as we speak

That's the motocrosser..... :)

I hope its not any heavier I mine as well take a Goldwing in the woods.

The local dealer told me that he will have the RMZ 450 sometime around June. There won't be a Dual-sport 450 until 05 (most likely). He's been pretty much on with his other stuff, so I'm not going to wet my pants until June.

GOt a 450 Yosh engine if you are interested.

how much for the yosh???????

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