03 CRF 450 Suspension question

Just recently bought an '03 CRF 450 and now have a suspension question for you guys. I'm about 195-200 lbs. suited to ride. The guy I bought it from was about 180 lbs. He had it re-valved by Independent Racing Shop and changed out the fork springs to .45's with 420cc of fluid. Rear shock spring is stock one. His set up on the forks is C-12 and R-12 clicks. My first ride was way too soft for my liking. I gave both the forks and rear 3 more compresion clicks and it amazingly got a lot better. The way it changed and felt with only a few click changes makes me think I may be able to click a couple or few more and it may feel just about right. My question is will this amount of compresion click on the forks (17 or 18) be overload and become problems for the forks eventually? I got the stock .47's, should I just put those back in instead? I ride about 25% track and 75% desert, trails, and freeride. I do like to hit the jumps and sometimes even will go big depending on the jump. Advice??? Thanks for your time.

I have .45's in mine and I weigh 150#. You definitely need stiffer springs. How about the rear? What spring in in back?

The other thing is that your clicks are measured from full in so if you turned it to 17-18 clicks you went softer.

Stock rear spring on an '03 is a 5.6

Oops, missed that where he said it was the stock rear spring.

That bike must be seriously unbalanced.

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