What parts for a valve job?

It is time to replace my valves and I need to know which parts to get. The valves themselves are obvious, but is there anything else I need to replace, resurface, etc. when changing them out?

I am going to order a service manual when I order the parts, that's why I need to know ahead of time so I can order everything at one time.


Are you going with stock?

I just picked up my SS kit which includes the stainless valves, retainers, springs, etc...

I know that springs are not an option but required when going with steel.

I have a connection with Honda so I will be sticking with stock stuff.

How much was the SS kit?

The spring kit was like 220 which had all the little stuff in it. The valves were 34 each. I think this is list or close to it. If you pull the racer discount out of that it came to 233 plus tax.

Does this part list sound right?

- 2 Intake valves

- 2 exhaust valves

- 2 Intake valve retainers

- 2 exhaust valve retainers

- Intake cotter valve

- Exhaust valve

- 2 intake springs

- 2 exhaust spings

- Intake valve stem seal

- Exhaust valve stem seal

Do I need to replace the valve spring seats?

I got these parts from the Service Honda web site. I don't really know if I need some or all the above parts.


Dont forget to check your guides per the manual and blue check the valve face to seat contact areas with machinist blueing. One of my exhaust guides was borderline in spec and I had exhaust seat pitting.

Where can I find the blueing stuff and if it shows a poor seal, what then?

You can just use a black marker if you don't have any dykem blue.

Automotive parts shops. You are looking for the surface contact area being too high or low. I did not have this problem but it is good to check. Mine had pitting of the exhaust seats which would require cleaning up with a seat cutter. I ended up replacing the head because of the guide issue. The head was at Eric Gorrs and I was told replacement was the way to go for cost reasons. You may not have these issues but follow the manual it covers all of the top end checks in great detail.

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