Ocotillo Wells/noise

Anyone been to Ocotillo Wells lately? I'm going there to ride in a couple weeks. Are they checking for the exhaust noise regulation?

Thanks, Mule

I was out there for Thanksgiving and New Years, and I didn't see or hear of anyone getting checked.

I've been going out there for 18 years and have never once been checked. Don't worry one bit about it. Heck I've only been checked for a sticker twice that I can remember in 18 years!!! I was there this Sunday and will be out there next weekend too.

Gotta agree with Sirhk, I've been going out there for some-odd 10 years now, never a sound check, never a sticker check. The only thing that ever happened to me was a Sheriff 4X4 asked me what bikes were in my camp....seems someone had one stolen.

I was out there last weekend and nobody stop me to check anything on our bikes. :)

Are there motels out there at all, or is it strictly a camping thing? Too long of a drive to make it a day trip

Brett :)

A rundown motel is out there but you are better off camping out. :)

I'm pretty sure there are some motels in the town of Borrego Springs which isn't too far from Ocotillo Wells.

There is the Desert Iornwoods reasort at Ocotillo Wells. There are hotels in Borrego Springs, that is about 25 mins away. I assume comming from Ontarion you will tarvel through Palm Springs. There are Hotels near the Salton Sea and Indio is not to far.

My wife and I will be parked about one mile out Postline road on the right side on Friday. Look for a red Ranger pickup, a CRF450 and a DRZ125.

The Rangers there are very cool. I have never been checked for sticker or noise. I have talked to them a few times, all they ask is "are you having a good time?" Follow the safety regs. and you will have no problem.

but... Don't go into the Anza Borrego State Park area(without a plate), even south of 78. They are ticketing OHVs who make incursions into their no-ride zone.


Have you been approached by the rangers out there and told that you can no longer camp on the east side of the poleline? I had a ranger come into our camp before New Years and tell us just that. Her claim was that the area is now listed as "limited use - existing roads & trails only" (which it is on the new park map but there's no mention of a restriction on camping). However there are no signs or any publications indicating that camping is not allowed there. After I discussed the situation with her for an hour she took off very confused (presumably to go see her boss). Didn't see her any more the rest of the week. I'm planning on continuing to camp there until they either post it or eject me. Just thought I'd give you a heads up in case they come see you.

I did not hear anything of the kind. I saw many (including my friends) camps set up on the east side of powerline. We rode east of powerline and did not see a Ranger.

I'm not surprised. She was new to the park and not very informed about the area. I think her boss just told her to go out and start telling people not to camp there but didn't explain the basis for the rule. At any rate after I spent the better part of an hour explaining the baseless nature (i.e. - no clear policy, no signs, no documentation, confilicting statements in the park brochure, etc....) of her request she left and I don't think they talked to anyone else that weekend. But be prepared cause they're up to something :)

was out there last weekend.....no noise stops/checks. Only time i or anyone i know had a problem out there was for not picking up your trash, fireworks or driving at night without a light.....granted all things worthy of a chat with the sheriff

That's good news. Perhaps I scared her away :)

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