Think I got the jetting worked out !!!

It has been butt cold here on the east coast the last couple weeks, and the 426 was running like crap. It was fouling plugs, it wouldn't idle, it was hard to start, and it just felt funny.

If you read my previous post, you will remember that all this time I've been running #9 plugs without realizing it.

Well this past weekend I did a few modifications that seem to have done wonders.

BK mod (about a .5 sec. squirt), 168 main, 45 pilot, clip in 5th position, and back to a CR8E plug.

Went out today (about 28 degrees / sea level)

started 1st kick with the choak, idled perfectly, and felt STRONG. I'm still going to fool with the fuel screw a little (it's in the stock position), but it ran GREAT. Rode for about 10 minutes, shut it off, it sat for about 20 minutes in the cold and started right up again.

I'm really happy about this, I can't wait to hit Tower City this Saturday if it doesn't snow.

Thanks to all of you for your help and advice, it's great to have my baby back !!! :)

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