XR400 manual ??

looking for a 2001 XR400 manual online, anybody have any sites I can check out?

For factory manuals, here's one on eBay:


There's another vendor on there selling "exact replicas" of the factory manual for a buy-it-now price of $30.00 - have not seen the quality, but they also advertise a money-back guarantee. Maybe someone else on here has seen one of those replicas...

Helminc.com sells factory Honda motorcycle manuals - I got mine there in Nov. for something like $53 shipped to my door.


$53.00 is about the going price at my local dealer.

If you don't mind a 20 Meg download, I have the 95-02 manual scanned in PDF format. Also, common service manual and spec sheet. I'll PM it to you.

There is one on eBay where the vendor is obviously copying the manual and abusing the copyright. Having been in the software business and lost a lot of money to piracy, I'm not too keen to support someone like that. Considering the manual is a ripoff, it seems rather high priced too.

Oh sure Mikey,

Now you offer to give it out. :D I just ordered a $7 CD of a scanned copy of the factory manual off of Ebay. I should get it tomorrow. Are one of you guys selling it? :)


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