Oil coming from crank case vent hose....

I am getting quite a bit of oil coming from the crank case evap hose, I guess that what you would call it anyways. While the bike is running, the hose has pressure coming from it, and it seems to go away with an increase in rpms. Is this normal?

I just bought a used 426 and it does the same thing. I just changed the oil and filled it up to the line cold. I think it might be just leveling it's self. I will check it next time I go out and it is hot.

This is normal. It has that big-honking vent hose on there for a reason!

So should I be putting more oil in it every time? Right now it is off the stick by about 1/4 of an inch cold. I am thinking once it is hot it will come back up to normal. I should then not see so much coming out.

First: it's normal for some oil to come out of that hose. It's a vent hose and some oil makes its way out the vent, especially if you spend some time in the high RPM range. The air you feel is from the pressure changing in the motor as the piston goes up and down. If you are in water do NOT restart the bike if this hose is under water or you can potentially suck water into the motor.

Now for the oil level. NO NO do not check the oil before you run the motor or you will overfill it. It is a dry sump motor, most of the oil is pumped into the frame while the motor is running. When you turn the motor off it will slowly run back into the motor. If you check the oil after the motor has been sitting then you will get a bad reading because of the oil that seeped back into the motor. That said, I have found that I change the oil so frequently that there is really no reason to check the level between changes. Just measure what you put in when you change it. If you do wish to check the level, make sure the motor has run for several minutes before you check it!

What he said. :):D

Run the bike for a few minutes then check it it you have to.

After the first 10-15 oil changes I started just pouring in about 1600 cc and left it at that.

Come to think of it, the last time I rode was pretty much balls out the whole time. Makes sense. Thanks as always.

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