Anyone gear their 03 yz450f I'm looking for something longer thinking 15/47 to keep the same chain length just want to know from someone's experience as this is my first four speed bike I've had 6 speeds and didn't react well to taller gears the 5 speed did I'm pretty sure the power to pull those gears is there as shouldn't be an issue.

Check this link,  I found it earlier on TT, it will answer most gearing changes and its affect, plus links needed for chain.

I had an '03 that I needed bigger gearing on for desert use.  Stock was 14/48, and I thought 15/48 might be a little more than I wanted at the low end of things, so I went with 15/49.  For a while, I would change the front back and forth between the 15 and 14, depending on where I was riding, but after a while, I stopped doing that and just ran the 15 everywhere.  It made the technical stuff more of a challenge, but not to where it was obnoxious.  I probably could have run the 15/48 as well.

I run usually 15/39 or 40 on my tuned 04 (edited d'oh my memory) - but that's on 17 inch wheels on tarmac ;) It pulls it no problem. The 4 speeds are a bit close together though so getting off the line well can be interesting at the steep courses.

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Thanks team oatmeal I did the math for the gearing I thought would be good for me and its on 6mph difference that should be good to go I'll have to just invest in a few sprockets and see what I like.

just got some sprockets in the mail last night and going to work on the bike today. i ordered the 15/47 so no change in the chain. going for a ride too ill post back and let you know how i like/dislike the changes. 1st should require a little more clutch.

New gearing is awesome. Just more wide open stuff today. Track is probably next and then the desert. I was able to cruise at around 55 and didn't have to be way up in the Rpms.

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