Replacing chain and sprockets

Chain.... O-Ring or non O-Ring?

Sprockets....... Steel or Aluminum?

Which brand Renthal DID?

Picked up a clean used 09 yx450f

Want to be safe a replace these parts.


Do you race the bike or what? If it was my bike i would use the following combination.

R3 Renthal o-ring chain ( they last a very long time) And ironman steel sprockets. (They are made from Chromoly and last a veryy long time)

This combination will last twice as long if not longer than a regular non o ring chain and aluminum sprocket setup.

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I put r3 o ring and sun star steel sprockets on my bike when it had about 15 hrs because the stock chain was stretched a lot. My bike know has about 25hrs and I have not had too adjust the chain since I put it on and sprockets look brand new so I am a happy camper. Hope this helps.

I run Regina ORN-6 O-ring chains over hard anodized aluminum rear sprockets and medium grade fronts (Tag Metals and Pro-Taper, respectively)  This combination lasts me well over a year of desert riding and racing. 


The chain is the key to the whole thing.  It's "stretched" chains that wear the sprockets quickly, and it really doesn't depend that much on what the sprocket is made of.  If you have a chain that will last like the Reginas, your sprockets will last, too.

Not that I have the knowledge of gray but I 100 percent agree I thing a good quality chain and keep it adjusted is much more important than sprockets.

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DID 520 MXis the heavy duty chain I use.

There is a much lighter one DID 520 ERT2 which is much lighter, and supposedly better for racing. In chains there is no secret. The expensive ones are the good ones.

ERT2 is good for racing. My local shop sells them for $80 and that help.

Gray's ORN6 chain lasts a long time as does DID X-ring chain. The X-ring chain is rated for road bikes. It does offer some resistance though and it is noticeable in comparison to a racing chain. 

I like the dual ring sprockets. They last a long time with a good chain. 

I really like the new pro taper gold chain, strong and doesn't stretch very much at all. If weight isn't an issue I would run a steel rear sprocket, always steel on the front for me. I ride MX exclusively and in the air I really notice the additional weight of the steel rear sprocket versus the aluminum ones.

Somewhat poaching this but after searching this was the closest subject to my question.

I'm adding a o-ring chain to my 08 YZ and noticed that the stock chain side (one next to C/S sprocket) was very narrow, almost the same width of the chain..

I have a 03 WR and the guide is wider, do you swap out the guides to the WR ones when switching to a o-ring chain or is this a non issue??


My 02 cents on the issue, always a x-ring chain (I'm not trying to pull a holeshot a national) and quality alu sprocket or a twin ring if you want even longer life with only a small weight gain.

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