anodizing stock excels

Has anyone anodized their stock excel wheels a color? I want the look of black wheels, and already have the wheels. Would this be worth it, or just a waste in the long run? I know that I would have to disassemble the wheels, and have them rebuilt after anodizing. Also, are spokes reusable? :)

I would be using the stock hubs, as I am not fast enough(or rich enough) to warrant using trick aftermarket types.I know where to get anodizing done at a good price and have an idea about how much to respoke a wheel. Basically, I want the factory look on a more modest budget.

If you mean the Excels that come on Yamahas, etc., they already are anodized.

I'm having East Coast Wheel do mine. It's $160 to annodize, re-lace, and true up the wheels. I think that's an awesome price. They're also going to powder coat the hubs for $40 each. :)

I can't comment on the anodizing but spokes are definitely reusable.

Best of luck. Should look sweet when it's done. :)

I'm definitly gonna do it, wasn't sure about the spokes. Thanks.

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