computer and oil temp dip stick?

Wondering if there is a comp. that works with the stock gear driven odometer cable....also any one tried the xr's only oil temp gauge dip stick? Is it really a dip a new dip stick or does it screw into the case like it looks in the pic?


In regards to the dipstick, it simply replaces your existing dipstick by screwing into the same spot. It's just a simple inexpensive dial thermometer like they use for air conditioning, making candy, for meats, automotive, etc. The difference is theirs has a scale from 0 to 350F as opposed to the common variety easily found from 0 to 220F and its housed in a threaded billet piece that looks nice which screws into your bike. If you get one, make sure its properly calibrated because they've been known to be off from time to time, but it's still a trick little product.

I don't use one, but I'm not too worried about my oil temps anymore. At one time I drilled and tapped a frame plug in addition to the coolant system to datalog temperatures after I changed the coolant type I was using, but I didn't see anything that scared me.

I believe the older Honda XR600 enduro computers work from the stock gear driven odo cable. They're not too common anymore, but I believe I can dig up the part number later tonight if you wanted to price them. They were something like $350+ to buy new, but they were pretty kool.

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