LOL. We've got a bunch of people here from Georgia training, and helping us out here at work....

I'm trying to convince them to send me down to Georgia!

I'd drive down, and load up the bike!!

LOL. Wouldn't that be great!? Two weeks in Georgia, paid board, and the KTM!

Anything near Douglas, GA that would be worth doing?? :)

Georgia off road is the best place to look. The closest track to Douglasvile is Breeman. Look for them on the Georgia off road site. I have not been there yet but I heard it is pretty good. Sorry I just reread your post and you said Douglas not Douglavile so disreguard.

Douglas is in SouthEast Georgia and you have several tracks to choose from... There's a track in Alma, one in Hazelhurst, Vidalia, Coyote Run in Parrot which is NorthWest of Albany, plus the sand dunes in Albany, FastTrac in Cairo, and Southern Raceway outside Bainbridge - run by Ronnie Lusk, Ezra's Dad. And I'm sure there are more that I don't even know about.

Bremen is a great track outside of Atlanta just off I20 near the 'Bama line. The Kelly boys run it and Calhoun North of ATL. Both good tracks. Georgia has got a bunch of really nice tracks, but not all of them are open all the time. Check and to get directions and contact information to see when they are open.

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