DRZ Hat/Cap

The yellow color kind of sucks. My SO got me a black one with the same letters on it for my birthday. It rocks.

I saw those and the first thing it reminded me of was the logo for the old Datsun 240Z

I got one of the Yoshimura DRZ t-shirts at our local shop (on sale) a couple of years ago, it's got a nice graphic on the back. Checked Yosh's web site and it doen't look like they have them anymore.

ive got the black drz hat.nice hat. :)

Thats to funny, I went to that dealer about 20 years ago, he sold Suzukis and John Deere tractors!!! Out in upstate New York in farm coutry!! Nice folks, but when you go outside all you can smell is cow poop. :):D

Yeah, I got the black one too. Its nice. Blue lettering.

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