Looking for a couple measurements from a 1st gen 450 engine

I am looking for the cylinder base to deck height and also the height of the head with valve cover. I have searched but have found nothing.


No one knows the height of a 03-05 yz450f cylinder?

Ill measure first thing in the morning for you if somebody else doesn't reply first. Clay

Cylinder is 77mm from base gasket surface to head gasket surface. Overall head / valve cover height is 138mm from head gasket surface to the tallest portion of the valve cover which is over the cam chain. The next highest point is the coil which adds about another 30mm over the 138 dimension. Let me know if you need anything else. Clay

Thanks Clay, on paper it looks like my yz/wr426 500cc big bore long rod stroker will work. Now to find a good core 03-05 450 head and a JSR 98mm tall deck cylinder for mock up.

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