CRF230 or XR250 for newbie?

Looking for some advice...both my boys ride and I have been riding ATVs for some time now. Thinking it is time to get a bike and have some fun with them on the trails and occasionally at the track.

I am 6'3", 220lbs., and completely green. I have ridden in the past, but it has been long ago.

If you are strictly looking to buy the CRF230 or XR250 I would definitly go with the XR250 because of your size. I am 5'4" and I fit tip toes on the CRF230. Being 6'3", you will probably feel pretty cramped on the 230. The 250 has also has better (adjustable) suspenstion and full disc brakes, and only weighs a few pounds more. The only thing the 250 doesn't have is the e-start. XR's are great reliable trails bikes, but the suspenstion is really not made for the track. If you are just going to putt around on the track, and hit a few small jumps the XR should be fine. If you want the option of more aggresive track riding, you might want to look at the CRF250R or X (these have around the same HP as a XR400). The XR is a great beginner bike. The power is very smooth and usable. If you are doing mostly trails, I would go with the XR250. :)

my dad is about your size and he has a 230 you might want to get a triple clamp and link from bbr it made the bike alot more comfortable for him if you want to use the kick stand you have to extend it an inch to use the link

Between the two bikes mentioned, the XR250 for you, as the others said your size makes the choice a no brainer. If you just want to putt around with your sons, the 230 will work, but if you ever get the slightest urge to get a little more serious (and you will)the 230 will not cut it with your weight and size. Don't be afraid to go the 400 route either, your riding skills will return to you really quick, plus you are already used to the 650 on your quad. Bottom line, get what you want, but get as much bike as you can now and you want regret it a month after purchase.

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