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I've always just bought steel bars. Nobody's said anything to convince me to spend more bucks. Steel bends easy but they're cheap. I hear you guys talking about raising them and moving 'em forward.

What should I have ?

I'm 5'9", 165 lbs., ride standing alot, mid c-class hare scrambler. Can different bars help me ?



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I raised mine and moved them forward to give me more room, but I'm 6'5" tall and was cramped with the stock setup. In terms of durability, the Pro Taper bars are about as tough as they get from what I know. Finding the right bend can be helpful, but some guys prefer the bend of the stock bars, so it's all pretty personal as far as choice goes.

If you're mostly a sit down rider, then sit on your bike like your riding it while someone is balancing you. Then with your arms relaxed at your sides, close your eyes and then hold your arms out relaxed like your grabbing a set of bars. Now open your eyes and see where your hands are in relation to the bars. This might help you decide on a bend that works best for you if your mostly sitting down.

If you're mostly a stand up rider, then stand straight up on the pegs with your arms relaxed at your sides while someone balances the bike. Stay straight up, but put your arms straight out like you're trying to touch the bars. If the end of your longest finger is just barely touching the bars by a half inch or so, then you're good to go. If not, try to find a bar that's bent or a bar clamp that will just barely put you in touch with the bars.

This is just my opinion on how I've chosen bars in the past to work well for me, but I'm sure there's some trade secrets from others out there :)

Speaking of bars, I'm trying out a set of Fasst flex bars here in the next few weeks. While they look trick, I've heard and read some great things about them, so I'm going to give them a shot since they have a 30 day money back guarantee on them. http://www.fasstco.com/html/flexx_bars.html

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