Scope on meniscus in knee?

I'm going in on the 30th for a trim job on one of 4 meniscus tears. 3 are minor and he's not doing anything. I've also got a torn ACL but the down time and rehab aren't cool with my current living/working situation so I'm going for a quick fix due to still having good stability.

What's re-hab on a scope like? Any suggestions for PT? Any tips... How bad is this going to hurt? Superbowl will be from the couch instead of the pub this year I guess!!!

I had a torn meniscus a couple of years ago and went in for the orthoscopic surgery. The surgery went fine, in and out the same day. The only problem was the same night I came home I over did it (didn't listen to the doc) and fell down. The fall didn't hurt my knee but I cracked a rib and split open my head. :) Compared to my rib and head, my knee felt great. I had to use a cane for the first couple of days after surgery and then take it easy after that. It took about a couple of months before I could walk without any pain. Looking back I'm glad I had the surgery done, now I can go jogging or run without pain. Next time I would pay better attention to the doctor's instructions though. :D

Wow, that sucks!!! I'll have to ask him but I'm hoping to be able to do some prerunning 2 weeks later and racing 1 month later. All desert stuff. I'm supposed to be racing the San Felipe 250 Score race... Now you've got me worried about that!!

If it's the same type of surgery, I seriously doubt you will be able to do any running within two weeks, I know I couldn't. Good luck to you though. Keep us posted on your situation. :)

I had 2 meniscus tears fixed and ACL tear repaired also.1st week I was in a unremovable brace, end of 2nd week the brace was unlocked. It's now the 3rd week and I still have to wear the brace for work, but with phsyical therapy 3 times a week it's getting better fast. Be preparred not to ride or do any sports for 5-6 months. :)

I had my meniscus completely removed from my right knee 2+ years ago. The pain had gotten so bad I could not kick over my ex WR. AT any rate, all removed with just a sliver of cartlidge left. For me the recovery was pretty easy. Didn't do much the first day or so but was walking w/out crutches or cane by day 2. Limping but walking. You have to get back on it right away according to my Dr. Played golf within two weeks and rode my bike for the first time about 4-5 weeks later. Everyone reacts differently, but in the end for me it was the best thing I could do to stop the pain. Good luck.


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