Fork leg guards

I've looked around and haven't found any that suit me, so I'm in the process of making plastic fork guards, similar to what inverted forks have, but for the upper part of the leg of course since we have conventional style forks. I have seen the integrated number plate/ fork guards that cycra plastics offer, and that acerbis offered for RM's but they are both number plates, and I'm wanting to retain my headlight. I'm figuring on taking some .062 inch thick black ABS plastic, and heat-forming it into a tube, that will fasten via clamps to the stanchion just above the lower triple clamp. Have any of you guys ever made something similar, seen something similar, or seen a commercially available product that I haven't seen? Thanks in advance.

CFC makes some fork gaurds :)

CFC makes some fork gaurds :)

Are they in the thumpertalk store? Where can I see some? Thanks.

Right here =)

Deman, those are for the lower leg [slider]. I'm talking about the upper leg [stantion], that part which is normally covered by the rubber booties on a DRZ.

Her is a photo of the rm style from another TT member's bike. fa07c541.jpg

ktm fork guards!ren you been under a rock?do a search on ktm fork guards.the part numbers are otu there too.



ren you been under a rock?

under a rock, and had my head up my ass! Thanks Eddie! :)

Eddie, questions: Did you trim those guards to that width, so that they only cover the front of the leg? Did they use to be closer to a full diameter? Did you have to fabricate any mounting hardware?

I did a search in the ktm forum under fork guards, but didn't get to many leads.

do a search here for ktm fork trimming,near direct bolt have to wrap a few winds of electrical tape for the bottom guides to fit tight.

pm drew,he has the part numbers.

pm drew,he has the part numbers

Yep, PM me with your email addy and I'll send you a copy of the invoice along with some close-up pics of what I had to do to make it fit the S model. :)

Thanks Drew, p.m. has been sent.

I just found a ufo product that is a headlight with integrated fork guards, I can't yet post a picture as imagestation is down right now, but here's the web address to the product;

Here's a photo of that ufo headlight/fork guard from fourstrokesonly. fa07a3ba.jpg

I like how that looks. If I ever replace my headlight, I'll definitely consider one of those. I wish I would have seen that pic before I ordered and installed the headlight on my KDX. I would've put one of those on it for sure. :)

You could also use Seal Savers.

I allready have seal savers on the bike. I'm looking for some protection from roost and the occasional " I feel like flinging my bike onto some rocks!" scenario.

Here's a photo of that ufo headlight/fork guard from fourstrokesonly. fa07a3ba.jpg

I decided to try this item, it's available in the thumpertalk store at ;

I should recieve it next week, I'll let you know what I think of it.

nice unit.ive used them will like it.

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