High Vista/ J Street a bust?

Got a question for anyone who rides out in Palmdale/ Lancaster. High Vista/ J Street, basically just north a bit from El Mirage, is it a bust now more so than before. I have not rode there in over a year, but last time I was there a ranger pulled up (we park and ride out of the legal riding area which is basically a single OHV trail from the El Mirage area) and told us to "Make sure you stay on the OHV trail" and "you really should go to El Mirage" and left. Granted this is a legal ridding area, very small one, but a legal one, complete with spark arrestor and helmets required signs. Anyone who has ridden here knows that that trail blows and that everywhere else around there is open desert like Cal City. We respect the few private homes that are around there, but it's tough to stay on the OHV wash when there is so much fun terrain around. Has anyone ridden there lately and or know of this place being off limits now?

I used to ride there all the time i'd go thru lake LA hang a right at saddle butte park take that to 205 hang a left past ave G all the way down the dirt road to Ave C and hang a right!

When ever we would see a ranger they would only check for sticker and arrestor! They never said it was illegal??? Maybe now!!!

Yeah it's not illegal as long as you stay on the single trail that comes from El Mirage OHV area. According to the ranger, that's where you have to stay and ride. But there are so many jumps and hills around there, even a track, its hard to stay on the sand wash trail only. I was wondering if anyone has rode around there not on the OHV trail and ever gotten a warning or ticket by a ranger for not sticking to the trail. Just curious how tough they are on enforcing people to stay on the boring OHV trail. Anyone??? *Tap, tap, tap* Hello? Is this thing on?

The track your reffering to is it on the right side of Ave C??

It may be. I think we head north on Ave 220ish till you pass an old abandoned Cafe' and it turns into a dirt road for about a mile or two, then we hang a right (you can see the fencing for Edwards Air Force base off to the left) and in a couple or few miles the track is off to the right hand side (south I guess). There is, or used to be, a table top made out of, and over an old rusted burned out car right next to the track. We would continue past this spot for another 5-6 miles or so and pull off to the left at a marked Spark Arrestor and Helmet required riding area near a bunch of old dirt mounds and holes. I was told by some old timers out there once that they are pits with 55 gallon barrels of "left over stuff" from Edwards Air Force Base buried there. Anyway, we would end up riding back to the track as part of a big loop we would do around there. Last time I was there I did notice a bunch of random spray painted private property signs located in the middle of nowhere and along the main road in. Sound familiar now? lol

There is a car near that track,There used to be a mobile home there as well, the track used to be taken care of by a couple of guys that lived or had a place there, is there alot of debris(leftover from mobile home)? The track had a double-double,left turn into another double-double then a left into about 8-10 large whoops. Does this sound like the track? That is really the only good one out there! There are some other small tracks near the big Joshu tree with a big BBQ grill/base??? Anytime we seen rangers they just made sure we were legal, alot of the land off Ave C is privately owned!

Has got to be the same track. I just checked the map and C street it is(right at saddleback butte, then left on 200th street, head to to C street, hang a right and drive out a bit and park. Don't remember any mobilehome debris, but I'm sure it's around there somewhere. Last time I was there, the big Joshua Tree had fallen over. Where that tree was is considered the "legal" area according to the ranger and you are only supposed to stay on the trail that runs through there north and south back to El Mirage. Anyway, me and some buddies might ride there this weekend and was just checking how the area is now a days. I guess I'll find out and have to post how it is, or isn't.

You should be fine! There was another small track near the big joshua trees and all the little hits around that area! That's where we've run into rangers in the past, never really said anything about staying on the trail, there's trails running all over the place with no signs saying not to, also before you get to Ave C if you hang a right before it there is a nice section of boulders to set camp in! :)

Well we rode out there on Saturday and had great weather, very fun day. We did talk to 1 BLM guy and 1 ranger that came by at different times. The BLM guy was out there checking up on the riding area and giving maps out, he said that everyone needs to stay on the OHV route trails only (which is like only 3-4 looping type trails) and the main OHV route coming from El Mirage. If people don't stay on the trails and are riding all around leaving tracks, then they will shut it down he said (I've been hearing that for at least a couple of years now). We saw a ranger near our trucks when we were coming back from a ride and since we were on the OHV route he was cool and just said you guys are riding in the right area and left. Don't know what he would have done had he caught us off the trail hitting the jumps that have been there for years though. So who knows how tough they are on the rules there. The funny thing is, is that there are trails all over that area, and the OHV routes are so poorly marked that half the time you can't tell if you are on one, or if you missed a turn and are now on some other trail. We probably won't ride there anymore since it was kind of stressful worrying about rangers since we were on and off the trails hitting terrain. And oh yeah, the track is still there, beat as all hell, but still there.

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