Hey folks...a couple of buddies and myself are going to venture to Ocala (Big Scrub ??) on Saturday the 17th...any body who's been there before wanna join us ??



My understanding is Big Bass Lake area offers better riding than Big Scrub, you may want to try that first. Big Scrub is fairly beat from all the atvs, unless you ride far from the campground. Either way make sure you take a gps.

Don't bother with Big scrub (ATV's made it a sand pit area).

Go to West Lake Delancy, ~20 miles north from the visitor center on 326 (If you go anywhere in the forest you need either a compass or a GPS). Was just there over Xmas break. While in the area stop in at either Hardrock cycle park (5 tracks) in Ocala or Showtime (Waldo motocross park) in Waldo. See my vacation post under Southeast/Fl east coast group. :)

I was under the impression the lake delancy area was closed?

I was under the impression the lake delancy area was closed?

I hope not :) We are going to ride that area this Sunday the 11th. We'll be there around 9 am.

You can't ride on east delancy side but west is all open. You'd better get there before the dang ATVr's figure it out thou!

West Lake Delancy....I'll have to find it on a Sectional. Maybe I'll overfly it first and see what it looks like. Don, you wouldn't happen to have approximate GPS coordinates would you ??


Sorry Bruce, Haven't bought a GPS yet (actually I'm very good at finding my way out from the deep woods, I think it was the whole birthing experience :) )

If you look at a decent map (or better yet stop off at the forest visitor center, junction of 316or314 & 19) the directions are simple to get there.

Whats the terrain like at west lake delancy?

We have ridden east lake delancy before they closed it (thats the one with the campground right?). We saw one of the biggest damn bears ever on the road heading in to it.

If they ever ask you does a bear chit in the woods, answer no, they prefer to go on the dirt roads. We nearly hammered the crazy thing. I have never seen grunting fear in a bear before :)

Are there any markings to show the trails/loops at West Delancy, or are you on your own? Also, my wife is a true beginner, is there a relatively easy place to ride there, maybe an open area? I just called the Ranger district and the woman said to just follow 19 south 15-20 miles from Palatka, and follow the signs to the campground, sound about right?

I'm not sure what's worse...a Bear in the middle of the trail relieving itself or the normal sighting in Croom of a large, obviously unhappy woman trying to start the engine on an ATV that is slightly too small for her....I'll take my chances with the Bear...maybe I'll duct tape a pork chop to my buddies bike when he's not looking. :)

You have to turn off 19 (I think it was "75 or 17 st./rd. or some other funky term, basically a clay road) which you will travel for about 3.5 miles, pass East Delancy and then you turn left into West Delancy. The trail immediately on your right is pretty long (ain't no loops here) and easy (for the wife). The one across the road from where you turned in is tricky (sandy) getting started then it tapers off to light sand. Unless your real good at getting out of places you've never been before I wouldn't ride too far in or else get a compass/GPS. The rangers don't take kindly to have to go hunting "stupid ATVr's and dirtbiker's" that are lost. :)

I know most of you think Ripper_65 and I talk $hiot about our Compound area but just ask FloridaAdam and his son how much fun they had here last weekend. I am not lying, there is something for everyone here (ATV, Trails, woods, MX tracks, beginners to pro's, Donor cycle racing, Monster Swamp trucks, you name it you can do it here!!!) You might want to check us out. :)

Thanks, DonO, how far do you think the Compound is from St. Augustine?

And where exactly is the "Compound" located again ???

I would say that from either St Augustine or Tampa your looking at 2 hrs (or just a hair over that). And the Compound is off I-95, "Old exit 70" Malabar road in Palm Bay, then you've got to go South ~12 miles to get there. If anybody wants to come just PM and I'll be your personal tour guide. You can even pitch a tent or camper (Winnebago/Airstream,etc) if you want out there. 100+ acres to do what you feel like, literally! Can't get that many places. :)

Hey Don...what have you got going on next Saturday...I may be able to convince the troops to head south rather than north.....


The compound is good riding, from what little we have seen of it. But just make sure you dont go if it has rained in the last couple of weeks. The place just doesnt drain at all.

You come, we go have fun (anytime/anyday). Come on down. Don't think Ripper can make Sat. since we mainly hook up on Sundays (like today-just marvelous out there). :)

Okay Don....you talked us into it. You've got my numbers, gimme a call so we can work out the logistics for Saturday.


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