WR400 coolant leak under waterpump

My WR400 has started leaking just a few drops of coolant in the area under the impeller cover. There is a hole in the case that the impeller cover attaches to, just below the impeller cover and just in towards the center of the motor. At first I thought that a screw had fallen out of that hole, but it doesn't seem to be threaded. It is possible that the coolant is coming out of that hole. Or I suppose it is possible that the seal under the impeller cover is leaking, so it just seems like the coolant is coming out of the nearby hole.

Has anybody had that particular problem?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

That little hole is a weep hole. A lot of guys have had a few drops out of this. If it is bad it could be the trash seal behind the impeller.

Thats excactly what my problem was, I replaced a coolant, oil seal and bearing at the impeller. No leaks after that...

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