Getting back on a bike after 13 years!

I'm 41 and excited to get back riding again. I just bought a

2000 XR400 after a lot of thought,paid $2250. for it. I rode last week at a friends indoor Motocross track and had a blast. I rode three different bikes and have had a really tough time deciding what to buy...whether I should get a MX or a trail bike. I have been reading this forum almost everyday and from all the great posts I have read I made my decision and bought the XR. I don't think I can really go wrong with it for the money and it will get me back trail riding again. I quit racing MX in 1984 but I did continue trail riding until 1990. I don't know if I'm going through some "middle age krazy" stuff or not but I know every spring I go through this wanting to ride again thing. Thanks for all the great input on this site, I hope to contribute some myself in the future.

<font color="navy">Congratulations! You'll love the bike -- great one to get back into riding on. Of course, you've found the forum for any questions you might have! Be sure to post pictures riding in the snow! :)

Have fun! My XR400 was my return to riding bike.

Attaboy! I did the same as you... had a '83 CR125R, spent more time in the hospital than riding it. Sold it, but never lost the "bug"; 13 years later, bought a XR400. Love it, now I get to look forward to the ride whenever I can! :)

Congrats! I too just got back into riding after 15 years. I was a little worried that I would be starting over as a beginner, but was very surprised at how quickly you gain back the skill you once had. I too purchased an XR400 and I am glad I did! Hey drtbkr, could you post a bigger pic of your bike? It looks a good bit like mine, just wayyy nicer! I'd like to see what my XR "could" look like. :)

WOOOOHOOOO!!! You're gonna have a blast!!! :)

well im in the same boat as you all. im only 18 but ive wanted a bike for at least thirteen years and finally bought my xr 250. so im FINALLY riding :)

Welcome to the old guy club. I was out for 18 years. This is the best forum for XR's. :)

Road dirt for years then got into street. Just got back into dirt. Xr 400 is a great bike!

I took a break from bikes for 10 years and rode Polaris Sportsman 500's. Now I am back on 2 wheels and loving it! I finally have found several bike friendly trails where you can cover some very scenic territory. The 250 is a perfect tight trail bike. I took a hard drop about 6 months ago and lost my nerve , but I have finally got back to what I was doing in my younger days when I would ride my z50's and xr's like they were stolen. Man those were the days.

what do you mean lose your nerve? Like literally? that would suck...

After the wreck it was like every time that I would ride I would really hold back on the technical stuff. It is like I had a block in my confidence and just letting it all hang out. That is the way I have always rode and I am finally back to that stage. Now I am back to catching air, riding wheelies and just having a good time. :)

Welcome back to the fun world XRHigh.


Well not in the exact same boat, but similar. When I was a kid I always wanted a bike, but my parents out of fear always said no. My younger brother was more persistent and got his first bike at 13. He's now been riding for 17 years.

This year I finally decided (at 33) that I'm a big boy now and bought a 2001 XR400 (love ya mom).

It's been a blast, and riding with my bro is helping me learn quickly. I've been introduced to the hard desert floor a couple times and that's not so fun. But I'm looking forward to learning from you guys here, and should enjoy many more years of great riding in AZ.

Welcome to the show! I too, had almost a 20 year absense, and am riding at about 80% of what I can, but I'm enjoying the work out that goes with it. You will no doubt find a slew of useable information here, as you have already done your homework, and might just find someone in your area to go riding with. I have met all of my riding friends here, and have had a blast every place we've gone. Good people, and great trails. Loads of different opinions, and a bike that's so reliable, we argue over the little things that really don't matter. Post any questions, fill out your location under your name, this will help us to help you better. Welcome to, and don't forget to display your fender stickers. :)

Yeppers, we've got a regular posse of riders that ride together from just Thumpertalkin'! I was gone for a while also(last bike was a DT-1). I was so stoked just on the fact that the XR400 had 12 inches of clearance, let alone was as reliable as cheez whiz in Coreys backpack. One thing you might be surprised at is that in your absence, mean misguided people have been trying to close your riding areas. Other people want to charge you fees to ride on your riding areas. Still others want to make it illegal to ride your bike during certain parts of the year. So, join the AMA, and the Blue Ribbon coalition. They're groups working hard for your righ to ride, and that includes riding bicycles, motorcycles, and horses. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what we'll have you spending here in no time! Did you tell him about the tire pressure air rotating tool Roy? :)

...and with a posting time of 3:38am, you know that Kieth has just wandered in from closing yet another bar. :) He won't remember that he posted anything till sometime today! :D

What the? :)

i am in a similar boat. i have been riding for a year and a half and am still learning but have learned alot. i am

28 and always wanted a dirt bike and now i am hooked. the only problem i have with the whole thing is that

i have to drive to far to ride but other than that it is great...... met alot of nice people too. :)

You'll love it! Congrats and don't worry. I bought my first dirt bike at 46! I'm now 48 and have ridden over 6,000 miles in the dirt. Most of it on my XR4. It is a great bike and requires only minimal maintenance to be ready to ride.



The tire pressure gadget is a secret, shhhh!

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