MX Silencer/pipe for TE250

I use my TE250 for MX and Enduro. Not a problem as I've got two sets of wheels and it's easy to swap the lights for MX plate and mudguards but I'm looking for a bit more noise from the bike in MX guise.

Anyone know who makes a pipe/silencer for the 2004 (if there is a difference)?

George of Uptite Husky said he is making a pipe/silencer - the number should be on a thread somewhere in this Forum. I heard FMF but no official news. Big Gun is making a 450 pipe and said contact them after the 1st of year (have not to date) for a 250 pipe.


My Husky guy in the UK is he has some CRD silencers due to arrive any day now.For the TE250/450's.Also a few other accessories.This guy is a real Husky enthusiast.Has worked a lot on the 610/570 motors too.

Thanks for the info. After some more surfing (and reading the manual!!!) I realised that Husky make a TC250 MX version that comes as standard with a full titanium exhaust. My guess is that the pipe should fit but I'm doing some more investigating. Sounds expensive though.

The Akrapovic slip-on looks killer. Didn't Dirtrider magazine give the Akrapovic high marks in their CRF450 exhaust shootout?

I sent Akrapovic an email to see if the full system has a release date (if they are going to even make one), did they use the 94db insert during the dyno run, and what main, pilot and clip position they used. I will post the email when I recieve it.


I got a hold of Loc Hart Phillups this morning concerning to Akrapovic exhausts for Husky's. They said the '04 model silencers would not be available till probably mid February.


It does not appear that the Akapovic has a US Approved Spark Arrestor - does it? -is- a requirement for me. I would really to see a Big Bore kit for the TE 250, that would be the hot set up, any ideas on max ccc or pall park pricing?, but a Steering Dampaner first.



Akrapovic's email reply:

Dear Sir,

We develop our exhaust systems for stock bike settings and this one was tested with a noise reduction insert. It will be available in next weeks.

Best regards,

Ales Hrovatin


Exhaust System Technology

tel: +386 1 7878 404

fax: + 386 1 7878 405

I will hit up Lochart Phillips again in a couple of weeks and see I can get an eta.


Akrapovic arrive today :)

Instructions were wrong as it puts the silencer too close to the tyre. After taking a few minutes looking at the fittings it was fairly obvious which way it is supposed to fit. I'll post photo's soon.

Best bit... Take the plug out and she really whails. Even better rev and shut off fast and blue flame shoots out the back :D - Anyone know whether I shouldbe concerned about that bit :D

We couldn't use that here. Might catch the desert on fire.

rocks are very combustable. :)

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