321moto Signup

The date: Feb. Saturday the 7th

The session time: 4-9PM

Limited to 40 riders.

Rules: http://www.321motox.com/rules.htm

Rates are posted on website, current: winter rates $25.

Possible change if enough people sign up.

when we get closer to the date we can talk about the grub.

or if anyone has a special platter just say so. There will be a grill there on hand. Thanks Mike

oh ya one spot filled ME.

These are the people that wanted in, on the other post. If you can't make it, please post so we can open it up to someone else. thanks.










Unfortunately I was hoping for the 15th instead of the 7th..On the 7th, I will be sitting in row 28, section 120 seat 1 at Pac Bell Park watching a little super cross.

Hope every one has a great time!!!

Woodro, thanks for taking this on on behalf of Oregon and WA riders!!!


Got it marked on the calender. :)

I'm in! :)

Wish I could Ride with and meet everyone, but will be riding Baja the 6th-10th! :D

Otherwise, I would be there! :)

I vote for a forgiving track. Challenging, but forgiving. Whats the parking like? Will my MH fit. Is Woodland running on the following Sunday?

I'm in. Typically the tracks Mark builds have been flexible enough to accomodate novices to intermediates

Sorry I won't be able to make it to entertain you guys with my fall(ies). My father in Yuma has surgery on the 6th and I plan on being down there. I will make sure I go for several nice warm rides when I'm there though...


My son and I are up for it.

Well, He is anyway.

While you fast guys eat I'll have the whole track to myself

Please dont follow me cause there are times when I can't think that fast,,on whether to take it or dump it.

Usually the latter :)

And quit flying over me too :D

Dont worry,, I'll hold my line :D Thanks.

E-WA, you should be able to get a MH in there with no problem last time I was there, maybe someone else can comment on this as well. Woodland will have a valentines(trophys) race on the 8th.

I guess I can't update the list up top so here is the new one so far.











whyz &


Thanks for organizing this Woodro :)

I'm going to bring my 5 y/o son and his PW50. I have a sausage leg (injury) so I can't ride.

12ride=watch or flag

#48 PW50=?can he ride there? 5 y/o oil injected has ridden Motoplex and Wide Open.

In looking at the 321 site, it looks like there is a kids night every Friday evening from 5-9. I am planning on bringing my son (6) and his PW50 on Friday and then ride Saturday evening as well. Come out and join us Friday evening if you can make it.


It also looks like the Saturday 9am-2pm session is for novices only. I will probably come down early so my wife can cruise in this session. Anyone else interested?

I have a leg (injury) so I can't ride.

12ride=watch or flag

At least you have an excuse for not being able to ride.

I dont :):D

I think the number of hot dogs I eat could have a direct impact on my lap time.

Sounds like a blast, count me in. I've got in itch to ride, but not in the snow. Perfect place.

- Ryan

Anyone up for Chicken Fettichini (?sp)


I'd be up for it, might have 2 others interested, but dont hold those two spots until I can get a yes from them.

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