Change my jetting?

Having some minor problems starting my 00WR400, airbox removed, no throttle stop in Canadian model, all stock, ride southern Ontario( altitude?) The bike won't start with cold start on, after 3-4 kicks sputters a bit, 3-4 more kicks of sputtering and dying, then about the 10th kick starts too idle roughly, let it warm for 3-4 minutes and all is great. Also if I stall it when it's hot, starts 1st kick without hot start button. When decelerating from high rpm without brakes will occassionaly pop or backfire. Other than that feels strong throughout. Any suggestions on better starting? Very much appreciated, thank you.


00 WR400

00 XR 50

99 KTM 50SX Pro Senior

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without knowing all of your other settings. I would say that your idle screw is too lean. Screw this out until the backfiring stops and/or go with a 45 or 48 pilot jet. The larger the pilot the less the number of turns you will need for the pilot screw.

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