Ferry Hurt/Out of 1st 2 Rounds of SX?

Just read a post over at Proride.com that says ferry went down Sat while practicing, tore up his knee and will miss the 1st 2 rounds following surgery.

Have not verified that yet though.

Say it ain't so!!

Hope he is ready by the Phoenix SX, looking forward to watching Ferry more than anyone else...

It is not a rumor, it is true. While practicing he crashed and tore up his knee. He did have surgery yesterday and hopes to be back for Anaheim 2 on 1/19, but that all depends upon how he heals. He's my favorite rider (and a damn nice guy) so I'm bummed.

yeah, it's too bad for Timmy. He said that he was ready to compete this year. the bike was dialed, and he was "pretty pumped" (like he always says) about the opener. Hopefully he can rehab nicely, and go spank ricky so his ass looks like his red head!!!



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