DRZ400s on a motocross track?

I was invited to take my "S" to the motocross track in El Cajon, Ca. I am a little unsure if I should even go...My suspension is stock, but I have decent tires...any comments?


I was invited to take my "S" to the motocross track in El Cajon, Ca.

To do what, race or just fun ride?

Go ahead and fun ride. Stock its a heavy bike with a soft suspension so you probably should not go for big air. But then if you are inexperienced with that kind of riding, you shouldn't anyway.

Going to RACE? Unless you are going to be running in some kind of dualsport class you would get creamed. Of course now we will hear from the three guys on the entire continent who are either world class riders, or found some out of the way race with bogus cometition, who placed in MX races on their S bikes, but no it aint no MXer by any stretch. Just as MX bikes do not make good woods bikes unless modded.


what year is ya S?? if it is a 02 or later, the suspension was much better than 00 and 01. just crank in the compression and have some fun. Just don't over do it. :)

We have the Pro hangtown track at Prarie city - our local OHV - watchimng those guys ride it - no way am I ready for that track or the riders who ride there, but I take my S on the little practice MX track all the time. MX is all about riding technique, cornering, jumps an whoops and handling ruts and soft terrain, etc. I like MX. I practice the MX course with my 400S and I have great fun and it improves my riding abilty. If there are lots of good riders on the track, I shy away but if it's uncrowded and I'm not in the way then MY DRZ rocks the MX world - at least in my mind it does.

Brain - you can jump - go for it. Scoot your body up front for turns , weigh your outside peg, stay in the MX attack position. keep ur elbows up. remeber on an MX track - no coasting - you are either on the throttle or on the brakes. Haul butt on each straight, then make the turn , jump the jump, handle the whoops or whatever then accelrate to the next obstacle.

and when someone is ready to pass you, HOLD UR line don't go astray or they will be confused. they will pass u on ther own terms

I have a standard excuse why I don't moto.

" Big Ass and Big air don't mix " :)


El Cajon only has two tracks, a competition type motocross and a pee wee. You might consider going up to Lake Elsonore. :) I think it is safer to start out at. They have 5 tracks, and I have a blast with my kids on the 60/80/womens track if it is not busy with kids, or the Vet track. The Vet track is challenging and fun for a DRZ, yet doesn't have all the doubles and triples (with STEEP back sides), as the competition track has. Its good practice, fun, and feels great to clear a tabletop, even if it is only 20 footer :D

FYI, the Vet track is closed mondays for rework.

What ever you do, roll the track a few times till you learn and remember where all the doubles are!

I raced my 03 S MX for awhile, you'll note that is past tense, not present. As everyone has said, if you're going out to mess around, go for it, it can easily handle it, you'll likely want to add some teeth in the rear or drop the front sprocket down to get some torque if you havent already. If your bikes an 02 or later, its got good suspension, I am a good jumper, so landing right takes alot out of the harshness, and if you can do that, the DRZ-S can deal with it. My advice, go for it, but be careful. The moment you get over confident and carve up the face of that double that you thought was a table top, you'll find out why MX bikes weigh 220ish pounds. DO NOT do anything big where you might flat land or case, your bike will eat you up, and you'll likely do some wrist or ankle damage to boot. Take it out, take it easy, and have fun, it'll do it, worked for me! :)

I was invited to take my "S" to the motocross track in El Cajon, Ca. I am a little unsure if I should even go...My suspension is stock, but I have decent tires...any comments?


As was already said, you can turn your clickers out to about 2 from max, both front and back. This will get you close to not bottoming out. If you are serious about it, adding a couple CCs worth of fork fluid will help also.

Beware, adjusting the clickers will seriously change the the feel of the bike.

One other thing I'd suggest is setting the race sag higher/farther than normal, which will help a lot on the jumps.

If you are just looking to putt around the track - go for it, you'll have a blast. If you are looking to make the S a raceable bike, first stop will be RaceTech valves and springs, setup for your weight.


Go flog it. I was actually quite pleased with my kicker on the MX track. I'm no racer, by any means, but I was ready for the DRZ to really kick my a**. I already can't wait for the snow to melt so I can go again!

You know, it's almost cliche around here anymore, but you just can't find a better all-around bike. :)

There is a big difference between taking a stock 'S' on the track and a stock 'K'. I race competitively my not-so-stock 'K'...and love it.

Good point about the kicker vs the S. However, I think my big fat butt probably more than evens things out. :)

NEVER pass up a chance to ride! Ride to your abilities and have fun...if your abilities start taking you past the capabilities of your bike, then take note and make changes accordingly...Until then, have fun... a big tip is to sit back and watch the other guys for a while...notice if they are forward, standing , on the gas, or braking... these are the little things riders do without thinking, but until you know to do them, it can be frustrating...Have fun :thumbsup:Andrew

I guess I'll go for it, wish me luck.!!! I jump when I can on the trails, but the jumps looked really big at this track when I checked it out a month ago...

Have fun and just remember your not on a motoX bike. :)

Jumps on a track always look really huge...compared to bumps you jump off of on trails. Just remember that flat landing is a bad thing. Most jumps on a track will have a "spot" where you "should" land...unless you think you can make it there - I wouldn't go for it.

Have fun...wish I could ride with ya!


Have fun and just remember your not on a motoX bike.

Thats the key, it can be one helluva good time, just remember that advice above and dont case or flat land any big jumps or you'll regret it. Oh yeah, and remember to signal before passing!! :)

remember to signal before passing!!

Or just honk your horn when jumping :):D

Or just honk your horn when jumping

haha. One time I was out in some trails with some two smokers and the bike got a little away from me, so trying to pick it up before it falls completely, my left wrist layed on the horn.. They all looked at me real suspicious like and ask &%$#@! that was... I wish you were allowed to have a horn in competition.. It'd be a lot easier to honk your horn at slower riders than making a goofy WOOOOWOOO noise to get their attention.

Hey, that was kinda fun!!! The jumps were huge, so I didn't try any of the doubles, but this table top was cool...


Awesome! Welcome to the "Real Darkside". Looks like you were getting some pretty good air off that jump...how was the landing? Hehehe...

I've always said the DRZ is a great jumper...it is the landing that needs work.


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