Valve Adjustment; How often?

I was browsing the YZF forums earlier, and noticed that they said you should check your valves every six months if you ride hard, every year if you ride not as hard, or whenever your bike becomes hard to start.

I know that was for a YZF, but how often should a valve adjustment, or even a valve check, be performed on a CRF250. I probably won't be racing, but riding around, and not bouncing it off the rev limiter all the time.

Check them initially after break-in (4-6hrs or so, so you have a starting point). Then I check mine every 3 months.

It only takes about 20min to check so why wouldn't you?

20 min ??? naaaaa once you get good with it you can do it in about 5-15 :D......just do it while your waitin for the air filter to dry or for your oil to drain out (stuff you should be doing regularly anyway......i have the 450 and i can have that sucka down to the frame in no time :)

Ok, so checking them doesn't seem to be a big issue...what about adjusting them and shimming them up? Does that vary with each engine? How often have all of you needed to make adjustments? How long does adjusting take? If shims are needed, do you just wait for a week for them to come in with your motor torn apart?

I guess my biggest question, should the valve maintenance stop me from getting a CRF250?

Once within spec. You shouldn't have to adjust them again until there is a problem. On my '02CRF450 the intakes were off from the factory and I adjusted shimmed them once and never again. My '03 450 was right on and still is with over 100 hours. Should you be afraid of valve maintenance? Not if you can read and follow instructions in the manual. You can also get help here. Thats what this site is for. :)

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