Lost the brass washer on fuel screw -- '02 426

Cleaning the carb and lost the brass washer from the pilot screw (pictured below between the spring and o-ring--but now missing). Any reason I can't use a small brass washer from the local hardware store? Thanks!


I don't see why not for what it's worth. Just get one the same size as the o-ring and I would think you would be good.

Good luck finding one at a hardware store I tried but the smallest they had was still too big. Ended up going to my local bike shop they usually have spares laying around. Got mine complimentary due to the business I've given them in the past but they are really cheap

Thanks guys.  Couldn't find a flat washer small enough, but I did find a small brass lock washer at Ace that fit perfectly.  Put it in the vice and flattened it out.  Seems to work fine.  Now, though, I've got gas pouring out of my overflow.  Must not have seated the needle valve properly, or my float isn't adjusted right.  Or both.

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