kx65 forks on klx110

Has anyone installed 65forks on 110,if so what clamps and bearings did you use.I would also like to try using swing arm and shock.as soon as get the front done i'll be trying this.What a great set up disc front and rear.Socal if your project is done post a picture.thanks :)

I believe the kx65 forks will slide right in your stock klx triple clamps. If you want to use the kx65 clamps, I don't think they will slide right on, different bearings. There is a clamp on Ebay right now for auction that will take care of you, I don't recall the make of the clamp. Good luck with the swingarm and shock, unless you are a fabricator or have access to you cheap, it would be a bear to make that work. I Measured a kx swingarm (it's still lying in my shop) and determined it would need to be cut and shortened and lengthened from to many angles to be practicle and then the problem of an upper shock mount and then determining the shock/swingarm leverage ratio to determine spring rates and are those spring rates available....etc. I bought a Hanebrink swingarm and Fox shock. I don't want to scare you away from trying, but wanted to highlight why I didn't try. Good luck, these bikes are a blast! :)

My swingarm project got put on the back burner. As far as the forks go, I've seen bikes with them and they look chopperish. (raked out). Also, I think the stem is the main issue, the kx one is either too long or too short I can't remember. Also, finding stiff springs was a problem too, but they might have them by now. But here's my 2 cents, which is about all it's worth . . . if I was going to do KX forks, I would use the 2000 model forks. They are a little shorter so I think they might fit the KLX/DRZ a little better.

socal thanks for input,we have the same basic set up as your pitcure,60forks by tom fineline,heavy rear spring 4sp, clutch,an big top end.in process of installing stem from 60 into 65clamps will be able to run tappered bearings and 65forks.like your way of thinking 500 is too much for a swingarm.thinking of shock setup like ktm on 65 arm hate those bicycle schocks.

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