carbon fiber drz parts

Saw this while surfing around today, looks like the drz 400 parts he has in past projects

section. I like the looks for street riding, probably go to $hit in the dirt pretty fast.

Headlight cowl might be a nice piece for both. Take a look:

oooh,im all over that headlight! :)

i wish those were drz side panels.

I bet they could make side panels if you contact them. That would be sweet. :)

Wow, those are pretty darn good lookin.. I like the headlight. That would look NICE on a motard... Man the more and more we talk about motards the more tempted I am to lace up some 17 inchers and make her all pretty. :)

Looks good! Just don't get em if you even look at dirt, that stuff wouldn't hold up very long in the dirt I'd guess. My plastic always ends up getting scratched no matter how careful I am, so now I just let loose. I think I actually ride faster with shitty plastic. :)

i wish those were drz side panels.

Yeah I wasnt sure if they were or not and the rear fender he made

has a indent for a top mount tail light. I do like the headlight cowl... :)

Would be nice to get some DRZ side panels made, his site says he is not taking on

new projects but maybe if we got a group together for side panels he could

cut us a deal and make some...? I think the Acerbis Front SM fender would look great

in carbon also. Maybe even the UFO tail piece, and my clarke gastank, and ... :D

This is really sweet stuff, is anybody gonna contact him about drz parts? I need to know. :)

Damn - my supermoto would look sweeeeeeeeet clad in all carbon fiber :)

It's hard to tell from the pictures - I wonder how thick that stuff is....looks kinda flimsy.

This is really sweet stuff, is anybody gonna contact him about drz parts? I need to know.

Ill leave that to one of you guys already in SM trim. I dont have the cash for a full set yet

and he would need my panels & I ride too much to give them up now. :)

If he needs people to sign on for future purchase Im in for side & headlight, I dont think Id

pay that much for a stock front fender, but Id like to get the Acerbis SM fender in carbon.

Not sure on the strength gcvt. Some stuff he makes is solid carbon, while the Zuki stuff

on his site needed a stock core to layer on.

I don't know about this stuff. Click on the core required. This means you send him your fender or side panel and he will cover it with CF. CF is not lighter when your plastic is still under it. That would also make it pretty thick, might effect the fitting. :)

seems kind of silly to use carbon fiber if the pieces are heavier than stock. :)

I won't deny the sex-appeal that carbon fiber parts have. I myself am not tempted to put them on a dirtbike. Thin C.F. parts are VERY brittle; not something I would place in crash prone areas. I will let ABS plastic do that job, and save my money for other goodies!

I wrote him about making a CF countersprocket cover...he said he would need the original to make a mold from...I don't think he covers yours, he just needs it to make a would be a good point to clear up, as a CF covered stock one of anything is no plus... :thumbsup:Andrew

I myself am not tempted to put them on a dirtbike.

I agree they would not hold up or look good after a few get offs, but swapping this

stuff on for SM & street use would be nice and look great. Ive had more then a few dirt get offs

and never took any damage to the headlight cowl, so I might buy one of those at least.

Thanks for the info OSITECH, I wasnt sure about the layering or if he just needs it for a mold.

I read somewhere on his site he does use the stock peices for layering in some applications.

all the carbon stuff i have on my bike has been very durable.i have the skid plate,motor guards clutch cover,chain guide frame guard.

if he just using the stuff for a mold im seriously considering have him do a whole body set including cycra shrouds.

I should rephrase what I said, I wouldn't put C.F. on any dirtbike I ride; I tend to beat the crap out of stuff when I crash! I don't crash with finesse :)

Now on a street bike or motard, that would be different...

my bike spent 2 years in the issues.but i dont crash as good as others do! :)

ya know guys not all c/f is created equal. weight isn't much of an issue because the difference will be insignificant and i have a video somewhere of a guy jumping on a c/f hood and when he is all done there's no damage. for me the issue is price.

the body stuff is purely for looks.i wouldnt run the body stuff in the dirt,but for my sm? :D:)

i don't know the body panels could be surprisingly resiliant. the thing about c/f from what ive seen is if it's a thick ridged piece it will crack if it's a thin flimsy piece it will just flex and pop back out to it's origional form. So ya crash take the piece off pop it back into shape if ya dont like the new scratches it has wet sand it and respray it with clearcoat. certian coatings don't do well under uv rays though i thing it's the gelcoat,

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