Will a 1981 YZ 80 carb work?

It says in the FAQ a 1982 will work, but will a 81 work? I think it is a flat slide. :)

the 81 is a vm24ss and the 82 is a vm26ss so the 81 is smaller.if you can find a 78-80,or 82-91 they will all work because they are all the same model .the only differnce is the jetting which you will have to change anyhow :).

P.S. none of the older yz carbs had flat slides.

The 1981 is a 26mm. The manuals etc at the time said it was a 24mm but it wasnt. No idea why that happened. 4V1 is the code on the carb and I have one and its a 26mm.

So the 1981 will work? Thats good. I bought one and then I read that an 81 was too small. I hope it does, or thats $53 bucks down the crapper. :)

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