"raising" the footpegs on the 400S

Footpegs a bit too low. What are some good ways to raise the footpegs a bit? I remember seeing some weld on tops. Someone must have solved this. Thanks

Footpegs a bit too low.

Why do you feel they are too low?

Raising the footpegs while leaving the seat the same, does have implications. Be sure you know what and why you are doing this.


Footpegs a bit too low.

Why do you feel they are too low?

They are low c/p to other bikes (KTM, WR, VOR). You notice it in ruts at speed, when the Tech8's come into their own :) Ride the other bikes through the same ruts and your feet don't come close to clipping the sides.

However yes it makes it a lot harder to go from the sitting -> standing position, and also isn't so good if you have dicky knees. Also, what about the gear and brake levers? It could be a hassle that's not worthwhile.... just be more careful of medium-deep ruts :D

The issue is hitting rocks with your foot because the footpegs are too low. I am prepared to raise the seat, but I hadn't considered the shift, brake levers.

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