2 smoke TT

Man i love thumpertalk..so much info on all the thumpers but unfortunately i dont have a thumper...i ahve an 04 RM 125..anyways my question is...Is there any forums like TT but for 2 stroke's? i wish i could read up and find cool mods for my bike :)

I have both 4 and 2 stroke. I don't know any 2 stroke site/forums like TT. I will also watch this thread to see what others come up with as I too would also like to know more on 2 smokes. I know some TT'rs also have smokers and if you look and ask you will see mention of them from time to time but nothing on the scale of TT.

I figure 4/2..it's all good, were all riders who love the dirt. Many 4 owners were former smokers. If ya got a question, ask it, someone usually sets you in the right direction.

Check out this LINK , be sure to tell them I sent you :)

There WAS a site called dirtrider.net that was HUGE at one time. It went "pay to use" and had become more "clickish" that the High School Cool Kids. It's still there but has died compared to what it once was.... TOO BAD :)

Get your feet wet with an XR50 :D

entre vous :)

he mxer.. i ride a 2-stroke.. when i found this site i was riding a 4-stroke, sold it, got a YZ250 and still hang here. there are enough people on this site who have ridden or ride 2-strokes to find out all you need to know when you have a question.. most of the time at least.

IMO the 250 2-stroke is still alot more fun than a 450.. but if I rode 125.. I'd be on a 250 4-stroke instead.. they rip.

Know of any mods for reed blocks or reed block spacers?

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