Is a 48 pilot too much

On my kxf250 I am at 3 turns out on the fuel screw with a 45 pilot. The bike has a eratic idle {hanging} and does not seem slugish on the bottom. Should I try a 48 and screw in the fuel screw or am I mesed up somwhere else with the carb, is the needle to lean, am I trying to acieve to slow of an idle speed?

Based on my knowlege, all signs point to a lean pilot but a 48 just seems to big. :)

have you checked to make sure the hot start isnt sticking.they can seize in the bore.there is a update for this.

48 is to big for your weather conditions where you are at. :)

I live in Phoenix,AZ and I have my fuel at 2 turns out with a main 180 and and stock pilot(either 40 or 42. I'm no rocket scientist, or jetting expert by far, and I need a seatbelt to stay on.

This is an unlikely possibility, but worth checking--

Make sure the carb slide plate is installed with the SQUARE END DOWN. Looking into the carb from the engine side, there will be a small hole in this plate. The hole should be in the lower half of the opening.

On rare occasions, the plate has been installed upside-down from the factory. The result is that an extremely large pilot jet is needed to get an idle.

Secondly, check for air-leaks and check the float level.


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