Pics of Dynasplints in action...

My first attempt at posting pics, bear with me if they don't display. I'm wearing each of these Dynasplint dynamic splints 6 hours a day to help with range of motion on my broken wrist. Been wearing them one month, two more months to go - they're working! They may be useful if you ever have a similar injury (ulna, radius, scafoid fractures)...







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looks good! I destroyed my scafoid 2 years ago, snowboarding, and wish I had that contraption! I still fight with flexability! good luck on a full recovery! :)

is there any twisted metal in there?

I had 2 pins sticking out of the side of my hand, that went though 3 bones to stop me from moving it for 3 months. I never knew what they were until Doc cut a hole in my cast to check them for infection! that was a suprize! :D

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I have a T shaped plate with 8 screws holding my radius together - nothing external. Thankfully all fractures are healed now (crashed 4 months ago) and at some point down the road my ortho surgeon may remove the plate/screws. I still have a looooong way to go on range of motion though...

Those pictures show how much range of motion I have in my left wrist - on a good day!!! :)

It causes me trouble, but I still ride and do huge jumps. You will be fine, just keep working it hard and try to get as much motion as possible.

Hick - go to to get info on the company. The big splint is over $5000, the little ones are around $2000 each, I think. My insurance company is renting them all for me for around $900 per month (luckily they are picking up the entire rental cost). My ortho doc gave my therapist a perscription for each splint after she recommended them to my doc. The flextion and extention is coming along well. The supination (palm up) is going slowly but the splint is definitely helping. The best I have been able to do on my own is 60 degrees over from a verticle palm position. My strength is maybe 25%, haven't been working on strength too much because I don't want to tighten the tendons. At this point I'm trying to stretch the tendons and loosen up the scar tissue. I doubt I'll get full motion back even with these splints but I'm glad they are available because they are helping. Hope you get well soon too...

Thanks for the reply and the link RacerX. I guess if things don’t continue to improve I’ll ask my Ortho about renting us a few of those splints. He may be interested in them as well, for obvious reasons.

Good luck with your rehab bud.

Geez Paul! Those make you look like the Terminator! You can come to the races and walk around saying "I'll be back" :)

Glad to hear your rehab is going well, it is alot slower at our age though.


I’ve been waiting for you to post more stuff about those braces. Those things look expensive. Where can I get them?

But this post is depressing the hell outta me. I broke my Radius and Ulna (small crack in Scaphoid I think) about two months ago (11/10), just got the cast off one week ago, pin came out two weeks prior…

Therapy I have been doing is swinging a rope. I can do that pretty handily already, but not like before. Does that count for anything? Do you guys think that will help? I also plan on rigging up a broom handle (or dowel) to a weight with a rope through the handle so I can wind up the handle, lifting the weight.

But here we have RacerX needing 3 months with some fancy equipment to get better, and he broke the thing 4 months ago.

Crazyadam broke his scaphoid 3 years ago and still doesn’t think he’s 100%

My right wrist has been free for one week. Things I can do:

Operate my five speed pickup. At first OD was hard to get to, but now I can shift like I used to.

Swing a rope, already mentioned that, I’d say I’m about 40% here, but I was encouraged that I could do it at all (need to have circular wrist articulation to keep the loop open when you come around the front with it).

Typing is back to 100% (otherwise this would be a much shorter post).

Lift my ass out of my chair by pushing on the armrests. I weigh 175 lbs.

Things I cannot do:

Palm the steering wheel with that hand.

Radial twist: about 20%

Articulate back (gas on): about 20%

Articulate forward (gas off): about 30%

And of course overall strength is only about 25%, less in certain movements.

Plus the tip of my ulna still had a large gap that even I noticed in my last X-ray. The Dr. says, “Don’t fall on it.” Okay…..

RacerX, Adam, what do you guys think of my prognosis? Should I get those Dynaflex things? Technically speaking I think the roping is really helping, a big loop, even at a moderate swing, carries a lot of centrifugal force that pulls on the wrist. It just doesn’t do it all damn day like that Dynaflex thing.

BTW My vote for Bad Karma Event of ’00 goes to Dr. Andy Palafox, who unfortunately broke BOTH his wrists just two weekends after he operated on mine. He is a very talented rider, too (and by all accounts a good Ortho as well). Get well soon Doc.

I'm not sure if i forgot how old I am, or what year it is, but I was off by a year.. 2 years ago next week, I broke my 2nd wrist. the 1st broken wrist (right hand) is 100% no problems.

the left can still be painful, but it is on its way! my worst case senario was that the scaphoid could die, due to lack of blood supply. there is a large screw down the blood supply part of the bone. if it did not get as strong as it is, Doc was going to remove it and shorten my wrist by 1/2" ... "not unless you want short arms too, doc" :) but its stong now, just sore, and limited range of motion. after lots of painful therapy, pronation has been as good as 70 deg.

I will always be able to ride, but sometimes I won't want to try to be the fastest.

And YES!! get a powerball!! HUGE improvment in strenght.. and a lot less aches

or a sporting goods store, like Galyans has them for 20$ Good luck everybody.


Yikes!!! Hope things are going better and your wrist is more flexible soon, but it sounds like it will be a while.... We all look fwd to you coming back.

See you guys at the awards banquet!

Hick,Crazy adam summed it up by saying theres a high risk in scaphoid fractures of the bone dying[actually more cartalige then bone]

this peanut shaped bone has a poor blood supply and only in one direction, so it can heal poorly hence it's often treated with a pin or screw

there are a lot of companys making ortho rehab products so a search on the web might be a good idea

hope your fighting fit soon

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