bbr frame cradle install

hello i am new this is a great message board just thought i would put this out there i just installed the bbr frame cradle in my 04 ttr 125 with electric start and used the stock exhaust with out any modifications just curious what you are suppose to torque the rear frame bolt to thanks i remember reading the faq and it says you cant use the frame cradle with stock exhaust bbr says they have redesigned it so you can that means you dont have to throw all that money out at once

I just bought a BBR cradle as well and had the same thought regarding the torque spec on the rear mounting bolt.

The manual specifies 29 ft-lb for the engine mounts. I don't think I want to attempt that on the rear bolt as it's now threading into an aluminum part instead of a steel nut.

I'm sure a call to BBR will clear this up.

Wish I could help with the torque specs, but I cannot. I expect to receive my son's new bbr frame cradle any day now, so I will follow this thread in hopes that someone will post an answer. Since you already have your cradle partially installed, how difficult is the removal of the stock front frame bolts? I put a socket wrench on one of the bolts this evening and it did not move, so I assume that I will need an air wrench.

The rear bolt should be done to about 30 ftlb. The engine bolts in general should be torqued pretty tight as its about all that holds the bike together. You shouldnt need an air wrench. Just good quality tools.

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