How do I post pics in my sig?

I finally bought a digital camera and was trying to find out how to post my pics in my sig. Sat we covered 75 miles of trails and I have some pics I want to put up but I don't know how. :) Thanks in advance for any replies.

Go to , for example. Click on "Digital Photos" under the heading "Communicate". Sign up (free). Follow directions. Upload photos to your site. Go to properties: Right click on picture at freeserve. Copy URL (up to "?"; you'll see) address and paste on TT's/your signature space. Easy as walking on your hands! :)

I found a free website that will hold an unlimited amount of your pictures. This is what my album looks like:

It's simple, but it might take some time to get the hang of it's useage. Once mastered, you'll have your own avatar to post under your name.

Here is a post just recently to help Pic Help

I tried it too. It worked. :)

Thanks for the info Corey. :D

Now that it works, add a picture of your bike there. You might have to buy a $300.00 digital camera first. :) This should be part of the XR Gordon's Mods, the digital camera that is! :D

Okay, I deleted the last bit off the url. I think it is working now, I can see the picture, not sure if you can though. Thanks for all the help. :):D

Just testing to see if the link to my pics works...thx :)

trying again!!


Can someone tell me if they can get to my pics?

HONDA_FREAK, I don't see your pics. The way I did it was by uploading the pics onto the imagestation site, then adding the pics to a album. Once you get them into an album then you go ahead and click on one of the pictures, a separate window should then open up with only the picture. This separate window will have it's our url (web address) on the address bar (on top). Copy this address to your home page here on TT (there's a spot for it). You have to make sure the url ends with a .jpg or .bmp. Hope it works this time. :)

Did this work?


What are you guys using to resize your avatar to 80X80? I tried MS photo editor, but resizing it ruins the quality. It makes it full of jagged edges.

CDB1, I use photoshop. if you give me a email addy I'll resize it for ya and sent it to ya.


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