What sizes of jets should I buy?

I just bought a '01 yz426f, and may want to do the BK/GB mod in the near future. I am very new to jetting and would like to know what size of jets I should buy? The altitude I ride is in the 428 to 481 meters above sea level range and I ride mostly in +10c to +25c temperature range but sometimes as low as -15c.

If you need any more info let me know and I will try to get it.

Thanks for any help :)

P.S. are there any online instructions for changing the jets on one of these bikes?

You don't need additional jets for the BKMod.

The broad temperature range will need main jets 1-2 sizes bigger and smaller than stock. Maybe a #160 for hot weather and a #170 for the cold extreme.


Ok thanks, thats exactly what I needed to know. :)

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