Anybody see the new mini magazine???

I just ordered some stuff from BBR and they included a new magazine called minimoto "the ultimate pitbike magazine" Haven't thoroughly read yet, but covers the entire US (east and west) which is cool for us to the right of the mississippi. I think BBR might be helping with it. There is no scancode or price on it so I am not sure where to pick it up. Maybe only comes with orders. Enjoy it if you can.

is there a web site for this minimag?

Sounds great! Where can I find it?

The mag doesn't list a webgsite but it is published by pro-motion motorsports 4160 Tarmack Dr. Medfor OR 97504 tel 541-772-8150 there is an email for Tim Clark

Oh yeah, they have a links page at the end of the mag and jerry's (socal) and phil's (minifig)sites are listed :):D

Cool! :)

As soon as I'm finished moving I will be updating my web site quite a bit.

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