heated grips instal?

I am going to install some heated grips.  For anyone that has done this where have your wired in for power and where did you ground.


You left a lot of things out, like what year and model bike you have.  


That's important since some bikes have batteries and 12 volt systems, while others don't. 

I went straight to the battery for the power and used my computers ground wire for the ground point. If I were to do it again I would wire in a relay with the switch wire hooked to the ignition button so that I don't forget to turn them off and accidentally drain the battery. This way even if I leave the grip heater switch in the on position, if I turn off the ignition it cuts power to them. Since the headlight and taillight stay on with the ignition, it's hard to forget that it's on.

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The lights on my bikes are powered by AC.  What I do is to tie my heated grips in to the AC hot lead to the headlight.  This way the heated grips shut down when the engine is not running.  Note that heated grips work just fine on AC.

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