Thunder Alley!!!

That's all I hear is that thunder alley is so awesome. But how is it awesome. Are there any numbers showing a hp or torque curve. Where is this pipe picking up power, down low or in the high revs. Does it take the hp over 50hp. Anybody who rode with this pipe on their bike please reply with all info. I need as much hp as I can get, and if this pipe is as good as it sounds I'll order tomorrow. Thanks for your input.

Ive got a thunder alley pipe, it picks up off idle all the way to the rev limiter. How does it do this you ask? Well my thumping friend, it uses a reverse cone megaphone on a reasonably sized head pipe. The straight pipe guys (DR.D, Pro Circuit, Yosh.) get thier improvements from changing the head pipe length and diameter. Doing this you can make an advance in certain areas, but you'll have to pay for the advance somewhere else. Like the BBR pipe comes with a SX head pipe and an Outdoor headpipe. Go back and look at every single flat track bike out there. From the Nortons to Triumphs to the modern day Harleys (factory harleys) to the Super tracker series. All run a reverse cone meg. I sold my T-4 Pro Circuit for my Thunder Alley. These guys will be at the Anahiem race on Sat. the 5th. Check out the website too. I dont rememeber the address but its listed somewhere on this site. Motoman393 knows where it is.

Here is the link to Thunder Alley----

I will be buying a Thunder Alley pipe whenever my WB R4 wears out! The P.O.S. R4 is rattling itself apart and the 2 piece idea really sucks...the springs fall off (that join the 2 sections together) every 5 rides or so. I also have to use high temp gasket sealer every time I take the muffler can off; because the clearance is too loose! Oh well, another 2-3 months and I will have a Thunder Alley... Later,


Thanks Shawn Mc, I believe what you are saying to be correct and I'll be contacting Bob tomorrow for an order.

how loud is the pipe compared to stock/or a t4?

As far as noise goes, my pipe seems to be about the same as the T-4. Which seemed the same as the Stock unit, but I think its a little worn. If you go the route of the Thunder Alley, you'll be pleased for sure. :)

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