"02" shifting adjustments ??

I have two bikes,and the yamaha 426 is real comfortalbe shifting with size 12's,The Question,I can't shift my 450 as well. I need a longer shifter and lower pegs,rasing the shifter wasn't the answer.Can I buy over the counter to achive what I'm looking for.??Who.Where..Thanks :):D

IMS pegs are 1/2 inch lower and about 1/4 farther back. Those coupled with moving up the shifter one notch did it for my size 12's. Hope this helps. :)

And when my shifter wore out (folding tip basically fell off) just replace it with an '03 which is a bit longer.

The 03,04 come with a longer shifter I think it was like 1/4-1/2 longer.

Yes, 10mm longer I believe.

Take a look at the Hammerhead shift levers. They're a nicely built product with adjustability.

FYI, you can just buy a '03-'04 shift lever from Service Honda for cheaper than what Hammerhead sells their shifters for.

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