other sites like this

Does anyone know of other sites like this one and ktmtalk? I love them both, but would like to know if there are any others out there.

there are lots of em. Most are focused on one bike, like the yahoo site for the XR650R or www.bmwf650.com, etc. etc. There are a number in europe as well...especially for motarding. Others are activity oriented- D-37 has a chat for desert racing, dual sporters have other sites, Baja.net has chat aobut off-roading in Baja, etc. Thumpertalk seems to be the largest overall-although for specific info the other sites are a lot more detailed. :)

Here's a LINK to one I check out from time to time. Tell them BigDad sent you. :)

4strokes.com :)

Might not help you but to any other people looking at this WWW.crfsonly.com is great site for honda riders

Dirtrider.net is probably the closest to this site in terms of size and traffic.

Pingertalk.com is a good one too, but its definetely not as big as this site is.

The sad part is that the 2-stroke sections of this site have about 10 times the traffic that Pingertalk gets.

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